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Faith Crimes.

Posted in Atheism with tags , , , on May 20, 2009 by tikimexican

IF you haven’t heard: Police look for mom, son who fled to avoid chemo. If you’re too busy to be link-clicking-readers I’ll summarize. Colleen Hauser, a self confirmed moron believes that her cancer-stricken son can be healed by prayer. She feels that actual medicine would only hurt him and has home-schooled her illiterate 13-year old son into believing the same. After being checked out by respectable people and doctors they stated that he would die without some type of treatment. The kid has Hodgkins lymphoma which is pretty damn treatable through radiation and chemo, but because the “Nemenhah Band” doctrine states that doing anything that makes sense is against their teaching after one session they booked it. So now that the Family was ordered to appear in court for capital-dumb-fuckery the mom and son booked it. She is now a fugitive and apparently the dad has more sense to him and doesn’t know where his family is, for now he’s not being held in contempt of court. There you have it, more criminal neglect that made a kid grow up seriously ignorant and a mother that’s playing with his life. The saddest part is when this kid dies his mother’s faith will be stronger than ever. Her emotional-crazed-fucked-apart mind is already primed to be irrational that when that blow is delivered she’ll have no personal will to think of anything objectively. Her spiritual leaders will step in and fill her like a vessel and she’ll swallow the whole load with no problem. 

To all the people of faith out there, you’re no better than this person. She is an extreme example, but all of you follow this same irrationality to some extent. Even if you’re not pulling the trigger on your loved ones like the Hauser’s are, you’re still keeping loaded weapons of ignorance. You should feel ashamed at endangering yourselves and your family.

Vatican Defends Pope’s Idiocy.

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funny pictures

Perusing the net for odd news I found an article miscategorized. Vatican tries to play the victim even though they’re incredibly rich and powerful by defending the Pope’s irresponsible, judgemental, and stupid remarks about AIDS and condom use. It was under World news instead of Odd news. granted it’d be better under Moronic Archaic Statements category, but surprisingly they don’t have that.

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Prayer Jailed.

Posted in Atheism, Current Events with tags , , on March 26, 2009 by tikimexican

I’ve often said god won’t help you. If you believe in him, he won’t help you because your problems are petty and he allows suffering. If you don’t believe in him, well how can something that doesn’t exist help you? In either case, hopefully you’ve come to terms with that and understand that changes in your world are brought about my understandable forces or other people. If you haven’t though, when a situation comes up and you panic you most likely will turn to god. This will only lead to failure. Continue reading

Church Signs.

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I’ve always been a fan of visual gags, and one of the best is funny signs. Billboards are great but if you want a nice deep guffaw you can’t go wrong with church signs. There’s something about them that makes them both great sources and fodder for humor.

There’s a great collection of sign generators for church signs and community bulletins. I thought I’d throw a few I made up. I’m not sure if you can post images in comments but you can always shove them up on hosting sites and give us some links.


Ted Haggard.

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Ted Haggard is one of those insane closet cases that got so popular when his homosexuality came out it was explosive news. The schadenfreude was ripe, so very ripe. After news hit there were so many people that were surprised, and just as many that were glad to see some hateful evangelist get pwned. Now there’s a movement from the New Life church trying to clean up Haggard’s image. This is after of course he was prayed straight, now they’re working some PR magic and ejaculating documentaries and interviews. In the wake of all this there are more gay sex accusations coming to light.

Haha, suck on that Ted! Thanks for pissing on your feet, and the collective feet of your ridiculous movement.

You fabulous bastard, you.

Silhouette City.

Posted in Atheism, Movies! with tags , , , , , , on January 12, 2009 by tikimexican

If you haven’t seen it, get your hands 0n a copy. If you were a fan of the documentary Jesus Camp, hop on the trolley and check this out. A quick synopsis from the site itself:

Silhouette City is a harrowing free-fall through the near space of American religious extremism. Using archival video, movement propaganda, original investigational material and custom video-game footage, it tracks the movement of apocalyptic Christian nationalism from the margins to the mainstream.

The film begins with the story of an obscure Christian survivalist group active in the 1970s and 80s, as recounted by one of its former members, and then moves forward to the current post 9-11 era where startling ideological echoes are revealed and examined.

In a period largely defined by religious violence, Silhouette City examines the motivations for adopting apocalyptic worldviews by providing a unique window into the foundational ideas, organizational structure and psychological dynamics of one of the most powerful movements taking root in America today. The film bears witness to the long, dark shadows of fear and intolerance being cast in the familiar landscapes of the homeland.

I like this movie because it has a great depth of interviews compared to other similar films. Interspersed archival footage with interviews from current scholars gives a powerful look at how this problem of conservative-paramilitary-crackpot-christians has grown without truly being addressed until something major happens. Like FBI standoff major. I can’t really give a solid discussion until you’ve seen it because I’d like people to see it and form their own opinion.

Actually no, I think belief in any god is a little silly actually. It’s just too easy to see a normal person become a fundamentalist once inoculated with any sort of religious virus (as in something that cannot grow outside of a host, and I generally regard as yucky/lame).

Francisco Ayala.

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I’ll be starting a series of posts based around lectures I’ll be attending that revolve around the theories of Charles Darwin. The aim is to approach the general public with an air of simplicity, not to educate people who already have a strong command of biology. To some they may seem boring, but I see the series as an important public service. The first is a summary of Francisco Ayala.

The first part of the talk consisted of a small review of the historical scene that led to the scientific revolution in the wake of Copernicus and Darwin. A small segway was made to talk about William Paley’s excellent argument as an apologetic. This moved into a more in depth talk of natural selection, how it was proposed by Wallace and a few examples for the non-biologists attending (always important to dispel myths/misunderstandings about natural selection whenever possible). Of course, the classic Peppered Moth Model was represented along with genetic drift in the Hawaiian Archipelagos.

Immediately striking quote! “Now let’s move on to intelligent design, a new version of creationism”. This pretty much set the tone for the next portion of the talk. Here he discusses Michael J. Behe’s theories. Behe’s major argument is irreducible complexity (some things are so complex at the biochemical level that they couldn’t be explained by evolution). The lecture then addressed the simple limpet and Pleurotomaria “eye” evolutionary traces. A glib interpretation is that there was a small assembly of cells that could respond to light, which in another animal took a more efficient shape to gather light, which in a different animal had a refractive lens in the shaped cavity, until eventually you see animals with eyes as accurate as ours. At this point you could actually see the non-biologists in the room as they had all unconsciously started leaning in and paying close attention, the bio nerds were in a quiet/nod loop. After this we talked about the Dover case: pointing out that Judge John E. Jones III was appointed by the current administration got a quick chuckle from the audience. Major points: there is no evidence/research/hypothesis to test, how do we know the intentions of “the designer”, the ID of organisms is imperfect design, ID is contrary to religion: incompatible with an Omnipotent, Wise, and Benevolent Creator (creatures are imperfect, cruelty exists in nature: see chimps killing monkeys, there are oddities: see midge flies, and rampant Sadism: see any form of parasitism), ID asserts that God is:inept, cruel, sadistic, pervert, and the greatest abortionist.

Q&A from the lecture:

All of the answers are paraphrased and reflect the fact that the jerks who are only coming to this class for the credit were leaving to go be jerk-assess somewhere else.

Student-“THe bible speaks of imperfection, so it isn’t a sadistic god, just an imperfect world”

Answer in paraphrase- It doesn’t make sense to interpret the text so that it sits better with your definition. And I said that the god of ID is the one that I call sadistic. Think of the Odyssey and the problem of free will, and you will see the world as confusing. Now think of plants without free will and you arrive at a problem when you try to explain benevolent design.

Student-“Why is god a great abortionist”

Answer-because of chromosomal arrangment issues 20% pregnancies are lost before the woman is even aware of being pregnant. This is a defect in design problem.

Student-“Is there a place for christian apologetics in science”

Answer-Why not? There are arguments that are incompatible but they can approach different subjects and different themes.

Student-“In accepting evolution and natural selection, why is it that only we are able to use tools.”

Answer-other species use tools, but nothing comparable to humans. I don’t know, you have two explanations one from sciecne and one from faith. 150 MYA there were animals that could use tools that later became us, the logical explanation as to why only we are here, is that we are here. It may have been possible that more species would have arrived at our level of technology but it may be that we simply out-competed those species.

Student-“Are there religions besides christianity that espouse ID”

Answer-In terms of creationism there are more active supporters, especially in Turkey, that are now becoming part of teh discussion. Islam can be said to have a strong creationist support base.

Student-something about cartesian dualism

Answer-one day we will be able to explain human emotion and sentiment in a reliable way, but the way many theologians look at it there iss something that science cannot explain. Human being, was formed from an egg in the mother’s womb… I couldn’t hear

Student-“The public sees ID vs. evolution, shouldn’t it be unintelligent Design vs. evolution, why don’t we see evidence of an unintelligent

Student-Infinite regression question

Answer-I don’t want to enter into psychology where I’m not as qualified to speak as to why people can’t see the logic in that answer. Talks about Richard Dawkins anecdote where Richy says we’ll make humans rational within 50 years, I disagree.



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One of the hardest decisions to lend my tacit consent to in the news is the Gaza conflict. Out and out I don’t believe in any god so the whole chosen-people-chosen-land-holy-sanctuary deal falls flat with me. This combined with seeing Palestinian people getting fucked over when it comes to their land being appropriated for a jewish homeland is the extent of my anti-Zionist opinions. My Pro-Zionist arguments are many but the strongest ones are the reversal of mass Diaspora and Israel being a democratic force in the middle east. As of now, I’m fucking split down the middle. I had friend a while ago that was a big Pro-Zion and I had a friend that was a big Anti-Zion, the problem was they both made some fucking great arguments.

As of now I’m split, anyone made a solid decision willing to weigh in?

Philosophy and you.

Posted in Atheism with tags , , , , on December 30, 2008 by tikimexican

A while ago I picked up a few of my old philosophy books and started thumbing through. After about an hour I realized that the books weren’t backlit and I couldn’t figure out how to play MP3s on them. Then I returned to the computer.

If you want to have fun with a bit of philosophy I rounded up a few of my favorite links to get involved:

Philosophical Health Check
A little test to see if your thinking is sound…
Battleground God
Can you take your beliefs in god across an intellectual battleground? Will your god guide you through?
This is for the grand question of morality, if you’ve ever thought abstractly about it click the link and play!

I may add a few more later, these three are on the same site so feel free to browse it but those are the three that most struck me.

Also, feel free to comment, I’m ready to hear from y’all.

Couldn’t we all just shut the fuck up and believe what we want?

Posted in Atheism on December 5, 2008 by tikimexican

I’m not sure I have the energy to go on with any of my atheism-activism. I used to be pumped full of energy anytime someone pulled me into a debate over my atheist beliefs, and I would look forward to rigorous discussion about differing beliefs.

Recently though with the explosion of vocal evangilists I found a new type of breed attempting to engae in discussion or debate. The only problem is talking with this breed of christian is like talking to a wall. You can’t use any sort of linear logic with these folks. Their entire rationale is backed up through their own anecdotes or worse the bible. Whenever you try to explain that they can’t use the bible as a source for ultimate truth, that it’s just another human edited volume, they flip. They honestly believe it’s god’s words so you can’t begin to explain that it’s not. With these people it’s not a discussion. It’s just asking for someone to repeat their beliefs over, and over.

The open air of discussion is gone, these assholes killed it.


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