Couldn’t we all just shut the fuck up and believe what we want?

I’m not sure I have the energy to go on with any of my atheism-activism. I used to be pumped full of energy anytime someone pulled me into a debate over my atheist beliefs, and I would look forward to rigorous discussion about differing beliefs.

Recently though with the explosion of vocal evangilists I found a new type of breed attempting to engae in discussion or debate. The only problem is talking with this breed of christian is like talking to a wall. You can’t use any sort of linear logic with these folks. Their entire rationale is backed up through their own anecdotes or worse the bible. Whenever you try to explain that they can’t use the bible as a source for ultimate truth, that it’s just another human edited volume, they flip. They honestly believe it’s god’s words so you can’t begin to explain that it’s not. With these people it’s not a discussion. It’s just asking for someone to repeat their beliefs over, and over.

The open air of discussion is gone, these assholes killed it.


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