The holidays

Hey though aren’t we all excited the winter solstice is coming up. I’m not sure what you all will be celebrating and I don’t have to care because in the US it’s a secular holiday. Whether you think Jesus was born in the deadly Palestinian winter, or you have to day-starve to serve some other god, or you’re moon dancing with incense I don’t care. I am however thrilled you’re doing it, whatever your tradition or experience with it , just keep the damn ball rolling. I’ve seen a lot of traditions fall out of favor with the younger set and I’m always disappointed. My favorite traditions are the annual ones and this is a really great season to let those shine. The weather itself depresses a lot of people so it’s a good season for a good dose of cheer.

That said, raise your glass of whatever you’re having or not having and toast all the other people doing the same.

Happy Monkey!


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