Computers AND proteins?

Wowee, there’s two things I love in life: computers and proteins. Computers represent the future, and possibilities. Proteins are biological wonders that are amazing subjects of study. When one is used to understand the other, my heart beats faster. It skips a beat when the combo is something I’ve waited/hoped for.

A research group made up of scientists from Scripps Research Institue, with colleagues from UCSD have come up with an accurate way to predict how bacterial proteins fold AND interact. To anyone interested in biology you have to see this as an amazing development. Protein study is one of the most interesting and useful areas of study particularly when it comes to pathology. Now that there is a way to predict bacterial protein interaction, think of how much more efficient searches for new antibiotics or protein directed therapies will be.

Besides the usefulness it’s a really intersting implementation of a lot of data handling methods. Check out the link to get your dose of science, and see if you get as excited as I am.

Fuck yeah.

New Technique Is Quantum Leap Forward In Understanding Proteins

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