Philosophy and you.

A while ago I picked up a few of my old philosophy books and started thumbing through. After about an hour I realized that the books weren’t backlit and I couldn’t figure out how to play MP3s on them. Then I returned to the computer.

If you want to have fun with a bit of philosophy I rounded up a few of my favorite links to get involved:

Philosophical Health Check
A little test to see if your thinking is sound…
Battleground God
Can you take your beliefs in god across an intellectual battleground? Will your god guide you through?
This is for the grand question of morality, if you’ve ever thought abstractly about it click the link and play!

I may add a few more later, these three are on the same site so feel free to browse it but those are the three that most struck me.

Also, feel free to comment, I’m ready to hear from y’all.


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