Tiles are the shit. I used to have a habit of buying single tiles that looked good at hardware stores. At first I’d set them in an outdoor table I was working on then some asshole chipped all the center ones and it just sort of looked like shit. 

Still, tiles in and of themselves are damn good looking. Grab one, slap some cork on the bottom, and bam eye grabbing mega coaster that crushes all others. They’re often overlooked unless you have some defect that forces you to stare down all the time. Still to bring some attention back to them I started screwing around with some seamless tile wallpapers. The stock designs in windows are pretty lame but you can easily make a good photo into a seamless tile set by dividing it up into four pieces and making the middle into the four corners and just patching up the seams. After going through a pool of my own photos I went to find some more stock to work with and found a pretty bitchin’ flickr group.

Seamless Tiles

Good job jjooeh.


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