Jim Moore.

Professor Jim Moore speaking on “The Origins of AIDS”.

The lecture kicks off with an A/V piece, that is a montage of images related to The Plague. The resulting population decrease has been seen as a major factor in shaping the political development of the modern world. With that in mind we move into the bulk of the talk. Remember, that there are several ideas for the origins of HIV, with four being most (plausible). Not the CIA adapting slime fever to destabilize Castro’s Cuba theory. The talk took the form of addressing each part of the question in order: When, Where, and most importantly How.

The “when” question is addressed by studying sequenced samples and using trend lines to extrapolate a date.

The “where” question is answered by antibody studies of fecal samples of great apes and the area seems to be south/southwest Cameroon.

The “how” question is the major point of the talk and goes into the transmission of SIV (from apes)–>HIV (in humans). 2 basic mechanisms and 4 hypothesis are discussed. This is the part that should sell you on listening to the lecture. There is intrigue over a few scientists flaunting protocol and possibly damaging the indigenous population and a lot of research has gone into supporting or debunking this claim.


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