Gracious donators.

It’s nice to have an extended network of contacts, friends, and customers. I bumped into an old friend and we spent a few minutes catching up and firing the shit (get it?) as the young kids say. They mentioned they had an old laptop they were willing to donate to my electronics tinkering hobby and I was ecstatic. I pictured an old decrepit IBM ready to have it’s screen ripped out and some classic keyboard for a nostalgia hack. Instead I got this very well kept DELL.

Dell 600m montage

I don’t want to make the person who donated this public unless they want to so if you read this mysterious generous soul, you’re fucking cool.

I started the repairs on this piece of kit from the inside, pretty much just a standard thermal upgrade. Switching up the thermal paste and dusting and whatnot. I slipped some piece of aluminum plate in a few places to help with heat dissipation because the fans are actually pretty small. The next step will be fixing up some of the cracks in the outer plastic, which will be a great time to learn about how to bond laptop plastic. This thing might even get new paint. It’s ultimate fate will either be resale or some insane mod.

Comment your thoughts!


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