Breaking Away.

Yes, yes y’all. We are a nation that has some pretty awful policies that are an accumulation of politically motivated decisions in the absence of actual context, politicians who push for them rarely know the people they’re affecting directly. Unless it’s a policy that extends benefits to their constituents. Either way Obama, like late-in-the-campaign-McCain, is breaking away from Bush policy. The latest and greatest in my opinion: reversing a useless abortion policy.

If you know what the Mexico City policy is, Obama’s calling it quits. Federal funds will actually start being used to promote the option of abortion by Non-Governmental Organizations.

Click some links and learn if you’re in the dark, they’re easy to read, I swear. Also, pro-lifers who might anger bomb these comments: please use logic and not just God’s wrath to tell me why I’m wrong for supporting this decision. I have a pet rock that diffuses your angry prayers.


One Response to “Breaking Away.”

  1. dude. left my phone at the apartment. This is the easiest way to get a hold of you. I have to meet Elkan at 4, so I will either be late or miss sushi entirely.

    Plus now you can edit my post to make it look like I love your blog, or to make me a strawman anti-abortion activist.

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