Ted Haggard.

Ted Haggard is one of those insane closet cases that got so popular when his homosexuality came out it was explosive news. The schadenfreude was ripe, so very ripe. After news hit there were so many people that were surprised, and just as many that were glad to see some hateful evangelist get pwned. Now there’s a movement from the New Life church trying to clean up Haggard’s image. This is after of course he was prayed straight, now they’re working some PR magic and ejaculating documentaries and interviews. In the wake of all this there are more gay sex accusations coming to light.

Haha, suck on that Ted! Thanks for pissing on your feet, and the collective feet of your ridiculous movement.

You fabulous bastard, you.


2 Responses to “Ted Haggard.”

  1. Actually, this latest development is the fact that aside from his activities with the male escort that was his downfall, Haggard was also carrying on a relationship with a young male church member and that the church knew about it and paid his college tuition as a way to keep him quiet and that man is now coming forward on the heels of this new Haggard HBO documentary.

  2. tikimexican Says:

    Good show chap. It seems as though people are actually reading this blog. I’ll have to start up some quality control, thanks for the comment.

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