Home Theatre.

Got wind of a pretty nifty piece of info when it comes to the shift from theatre to home theatre movie viewing: 1 million Xbox members use Netflix. This is great news, I have held the theatre industry in the highest contempt for some years now. Even historically they piss me off. You ever wonder why old silent films look like they are all sped up? Film projectors when run at proper speed could heat the film and have it set on fire, and theatres wanted to maximize the number of audience members they could serve.

Today many films are shown out of focus to not damage the film reel or are shown dimly for the same reason. The service is always terrible, or at least it has been for me. E.G. I buy a small soda and the movie ends up making me thirstier than I anticipated. I figure if I go back and offer to pay the difference between the small and the large(tub that comes with free refills) they’d just let me pay for a refill. Nope, sorry pal, you buy another small or another large or go sit on it. The trailers making my ears bleed, the movie cuts being apparent, the bathrooms being dirty. I have yet to be to a cinema that hasn’t made me regret going out to the movies.

The shift to home cinema has so many advantages it’d be foolish to try to list them out. However I do find it worthwhile to speak on what I feel is the most important, repeated viewings. Harun Farocki once stated that with the advent of video the possibility of reviewing would lead to the viewer being the co-author of meaning. You’ve probably done this before without even realizing it, ever go back and watch a movie and catch a subtle line you missed and had the image of that character or even the tone of the story changed? Even without having the meaning of the film changed it’s nice to be able to share movies with friends. A simple, “Dude you surely must go to the cinema to see this movie I totally liked” looks selfish and uncaring compared to, “As a valued friend, please come to my home and share this cinematic treasure I’ve found and we will celebrate the occasion with popping of corn”. No contest.


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