Children’s Pool.

There is a place in La Jolla, CA known as the Children’s Pool Beach. It was originally a sea wall built by local benefactress Ellen Browning Scripps that formed a shallow area of beach that was to be a bathing pool for children, hence it’s name. Although since then it has been set as a natural harbor seal haulout and rookery site. If you’ve ever been near a place where harbor seals hang out, or have been near a harbor seal you could appreciate the stark contrast. Pristine beach in beautiful coastal waters to a place overrun by seals that has turned the waters into an unswimmable petri dish. I’m all for scaring away the seals or relocating them, they attract all the wrong people. Specifically hippies and rotting whale carcasses. In actuality the seals have nothing to do with the drifting body of a dead whale but it is headed for the Children’s Pool. San Diego rescue vessels are on the scene attempting to corral it towards Fiesta Island but still, great time to get out and gawk at some going ons in beautiful scenery.


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