Jamcast Beta.

If you’ve got an Xbox running Xbox Media Center or an Xbox 360 you may want to look into JamCast Beta. It’s a convenient way to network home audio. It’s an easy way to set up Pandora, DRM protected music, or satellite radio streaming from your computer to your device. The feature I’m trying to get up and going is what they call “Virtual PC Audio Streaming”. From what I’ve gathered it might be a way to route any audio coming from your PC to a device on your home network, I’m going to try to use it to tap into the surround sound set up on the TV for PC gaming. I’ll update with a review if anyone requests it.

3 Responses to “Jamcast Beta.”

  1. franknbeans Says:

    let us know how u like this

  2. I’ll second the request for a review. This is relevant to my interests

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