Recently I finished up helping a friend with his first computer build. This is a guy who by and large was a big fan of having things pre-assembled and didn’t have any experience with the hands on approach to computers. By the end of it though, he was definitely running diagnostics on his video card for overclocking and reading everything he could to start working on overclocking his processor. Another great testimonial both about the pride of having a custom rig, and handpicking components. We originally were looking at bundles for the savings, but in the end the performance drop was too much to take for the amount of money he was looking to spend. 

I’ll try to get some words out of him to shove up and the blog and see if he’ll do a quick photoshoot with his machine. Take my advice now though, build your next computer and learn how to maintain it. A bottleneck in getting to a more cyberpunk future is having more people comfortable with the hardware and software side of computers.

I’m not sure how many of you readers are much into computers but if you’re interested in the build details please post questions. If there’s enough interest my friend and I might co-write a post addressing your questions on why we chose what we chose or any other relevant questions. 



One Response to “Gorillaface.”

  1. GoogleIsSkynet Says:

    If we don’t prepare now, J-Day will be that much worse.
    Prebuilt buyers –> computers >>> humans –> “The humans are dead.”

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