For a while I’ve been mulling the idea of getting a pet. It would most likely end up being something that could live in a 20-30 gallon fish tank and have a short reproductive cycle. Eventually I’d like to breed generations of the animal so that I could feel closer to a population of whatever I end up deciding on.

The top candidate now is the water bear. Tardigrades are some of my favorite microscopic creatures and were fairly close to being a model organism. They have some really interesting extremophilic qualities: surviving temps. from absolute zero to 151°C, being able to survive 1000x more radiation than any other animal, a decade in a dessicated state, and vacuums.

Even beyond the super animal status, they are some damn cute little bastards.


One Response to “Tardigrade.”

  1. They’re pretty cute, in a gummy-fat-blob sort of way 😉 SQUISH!!

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