Vista Task Manager.

I’ve gotten an easy computer question at least 5 times since Friday so I’ll just splurt the answer here. If you’re used to Ctrl+Alt+Del linking to task manager in XP but are annoyed that in Vista it links to a blue screen and have to click to Task Manager. Just switch over to the new shortcut sequence.


Problem Solved.

3 Responses to “Vista Task Manager.”

  1. I was one of those 5 people.. so thanks!

    Now I just have to deeply ingrain this into my motor memory… I can see myself hitting ctrl+alt+del for a while and saying “OH FUCK”

  2. Finally, I had tried nothing, and I was all out of ideas. I think I figured somewhere in the back of my mind that Microsoft was just going to call that an upgrade to Vista in the “new” OS.

  3. GoogleIsSkynet Says:


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