Jedi Concentrate.

Linux has Compiz and Mac has Expose, and now you can get focused on your windows box.  Jedi Concentrate is a neat little app that fades out all other windows except for the main window. This is supposed to be a way to concentrate on the main windows by dimming out any distractions. From the website:

“… mimics a feature that is found in OS X called Exposé. The mac users in the chat room showed me a screen shot and I loved it. Very cool. When ‘concentrate’ mode is activated, all windows except for the current active window are smoothly faded out. The purpose is to dim everything on all of your monitors when you need to get to work. The application resides in the systry and ‘concentrate’ mode can be toggled by using any of the following hotkeys: Ctrl-/, F12, Win-J. Customizable you ask? Sure are – just download the code and modify it. 😉

If you scroll down and read some of the comments on the website you’ll see some people got busy on modifying it pretty quickly. I actually just use two monitors and my seperately mobile stereoscopic eyes to focus,  but I realize some people might need some help.


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