Headless Server.


What do you do when the hinge on your old Dell go out? Off with its head!

I got this laptop through a donation a while ago and I cracked it open to find that the right hinge was broken. It eventually led to the plastic case getting warped so I just detached the screen. Now I connect it to my main monitor or just connect through a remote computer.

I actually had a pretty fun spy-ish idea to set it up as a LAMP server and sneak it into the wall of a building somewhere, behind a ventilator or some such area. Then just splice into a power line and internet line and have it operate as a secret computer on someone else’s network. It’d be pretty easy to deauthenticate it or block it through different means, but if I can actively maintain it I should be able to circumvent certain blocks. It’s really a thought experiment right now, and most likely I’ll just end up replacing the hinge and painting this pink and giving it to a sibling.

Still though. Hax! Hax!


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