Thanks for the traffic.

For people who’ve made a habit of showing up thank you. I sincerely (sincuurhly) appreciate you showing up to read this shit, really. For the others who are only victims of my new campaign to trick people into giving me more page views and please click the banner to read more posts. Thanks for the traffic!

Update: Wow. This shit is working so well. If you want to jump in on some of this fun use this bit of HTML in some comments to bring people in: <a href=””>REPLACE THIS TEXT</a>

Also I started jamming up forums by faking a spoiler tag for a URL. If you’re on a forum that uses BBCode you can use: [url=][b]SPOILER[/b][/url]. Actually I created what I like to call the spoiler game. It’s a lot of BBCode but it’s pretty much a minefield with one real Spoiler tag and the rest just being these fake links. I really just want to see how many people I can roll in here.  

Thanks for being good sports everybody!


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