Downed Websites.

Every once in a while people will call or e-mail me with general computer questions. There are a few that tend to pop up more than others so I tend to have a quick fix handy. There are even more that just need a simple diagnostic tool and usually people can figure out the issue on their own. In the spirit of having more people aware of valuable tools on the internet I bring to your attention:


  • Down for everyone or just me
    • If you’re having trouble connecting to a website and want an easy way to see if it’s an issue with the website or something on your local machine, follow this link and enter the URL of the website. You then get a simple message if the URL is down for you, or if it’s down for everyone.


  • Ding it’s up!
    • Similarly Ding it’s up will let you know when a website goes up or down through SMS, twitter or E-mail. Handy for keeping track of your own site or any other site you please.

If you’ve got a similar tool for checking out conditions on the web let me know about it in the comments.


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