Prison Violence.

Whenever I think of prison I immediately think of prison violence. There’s gangs and enough animosity between inmates that violence would be impossible to stop, but correctional officers struggle to contain it. Some of the worst acts are against nonces. It’s understandable, think of how much anger any inmate with children would have towards someone who would harm a child. Not to mention the inmates who could possibly have been molested themselves. You have to take at least some pity on the lowly nonce though, he was cursed to have a mental deficiency and if he doesn’t have the power to will himself against hurting someone else there’s not much that can be done to rehabilitate him.

That being said, I hope Madoff gets it in Prison.

If you haven’t heard yet Bernard Madoff pleaded guilty Thursday to pulling off perhaps the biggest swindle in Wall Street history and was immediately led off to jail in handcuffs after his seething victims applauded in the courtroom. I feel so much hate and anger towards this guy because he represents the callous-calculating-immoral-asshole-investor archetype that keeps many of us from trusting larger businesses. He set back the public view of investors, jews, americans, and made Washington look worse than ever. If you’re feeling the global credit crisis you can’t help but see Madoff as a great example of what went wrong, and who to punish. I could easily see somebody snapping and just shanking the guy. There is no way I could find any pity for this guy who so obviosly ignored his conscious and caused so much damage.

Feel free to blow off some steam and let us know what you’d do to Madoff.

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