Jello Cake.

The idea’s simple. Bake a cake and while it’s cooling poke some holes in the top with a large fork. Then drizzle some gelatin on top in it’s liquid form. The end result should be a cake with veins of gelatin in it. Unfortunately in reality it’s pretty hard to pull off and I’m experimenting with proportions and flavors. This is lemon cake with lime jello. The areas in the medial regions of the cake are pretty free of gelation but all the lateral parts are soaked. After about 4 hours of refrigeration there’s a distinct jiggle to the overall cake.



4 Responses to “Jello Cake.”

  1. I’m not sure what to say.. besides that it resembles some bad lunch with a really large tapeworm swimming at the top. I’m sure it tastes damn good though.

  2. tikimexican Says:

    It looks like C. elegans to me. We cut off the top of the cake that was actually brown but left that feature there.

  3. GoogleIsSkynet Says:

    I think I see the devil in it.

  4. I think I see the “want to” in its eyes.

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