I Love You, Man.

If you’re like me you wonder what people would look like if you could mash them together. That means both through horrible car accidents, and using photo blending software. One of the best I’ve created was Bruce Campell and Dave Coulier. Unfortunately the resulting picture came to life and named itself Jason Segel. With that shitty intro out of the way here’s a few of my thoughts on this new flick.

The romantic comedy genre is immortal and demonized. Mainly because it’s an obvious ploy to maximize profits while simultaneously minimizing the effort put forth by the filmmakers. Still, it’s an easy way to get couples into seats and it’s appreciated by people who don’t want to invest time or energy on creative dating.

It’s alright though. I got a few cheap laughs and could appreciate the weird metro/mushy friendship Rudd and Segel have on screen. For the most part though, it’s just another cheap popcorn movie. I saw it for free though, so if given the chance to do the same, do it.


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