Prayer Jailed.

I’ve often said god won’t help you. If you believe in him, he won’t help you because your problems are petty and he allows suffering. If you don’t believe in him, well how can something that doesn’t exist help you? In either case, hopefully you’ve come to terms with that and understand that changes in your world are brought about my understandable forces or other people. If you haven’t though, when a situation comes up and you panic you most likely will turn to god. This will only lead to failure.

Case in point: An Italian court has jailed a Tunisian pilot who paused to pray instead of taking emergency measures before ditching his plane, killing 16 people.This is a perfect example of what not to do in a situation. Think back to the Hudson River crash not too far back. The pilot somehow managed to keep his calm and went through all emergency procedures and came out a hero. There was no god there, just some down to earth heroics. This tunisian pilot though succumbed to panic and instead chose to pray. The end result was the deaths of 16 innocent people. 

If you are still under the impression that god(s) will help you in an emergency, please stop now. Keep believing if you really want to, but don’t expect him to help you with anything. If nothing else this will put you in a state of mind where you will force yourself to act in an emergency, using god as a crutch will only help you panic in a crisis.

One Response to “Prayer Jailed.”

  1. ur a fukin piece of shit sayin that god doesnt give a shit about us he lets us suffer through trial and tribulation so we kan learn to better ourselves through his teachings u asshole. I mean, I still hella wanna do a bunch of guys even though it’s against god’s word, but it’s still okay because I’m not as bad as you.

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