The ($00.9999 or 99.99¢) Store.

When I was a kid, a dollar was a decent amount of cash. If your parents or uncles/aunts handed you a buck to keep you occupied, you’d have a nice walk of anticipation to the store to grab a can of soda, a bag of chips, and a Lil Debbie snack cake. In that era, the dollar store was a safe haven from being disappointed at not having enough money to afford something. Anything you saw was a dollar ($1.07 depending on tax rate, but you could find 7¢ on the walk there) so you could shop around for a toy, some candy or whatever.

When the economy first started turning south, dollar stores nationwide started doing better business. As people lost the snob factor in their shopping habits there was a shift in the demographic to include people of all ages and economic positions. The dollar store was a place to find things in addition to what you bought at the grocery store. The dollar store was a place to have faith in. Whether your local store was a dollar store or a ninety-nine cent store. You knew where you stood, and more importantly where their prices stood.

After years of fighting inflation trends the ninety-nine cent store has had to up their prices to $00.9999. After suffering two quarters of losses they were forced to increase their prices to help with minimum wage caps and to increase the quality of goods they would be able to purchase wholesale. This change become apparent to me when my normal spree of energy drinks and goofy out of date promotional items wasn’t what I expected. I counted up my items as I unloaded them on the register and handed the cashier exact change. When she let me know it wasn’t enough I didn’t even comprehend what she was saying. It took her two times to actually get another dime out of me and pointed to the notice on the register itself. The increase is negligible and I’m glad it’s so low, but the principal does irk me slightly. Still, I’ll support my local dollar store for years to come, they provide the valuable service of surplus retail. More than that they give me a place where I can still go through and have some guilt free buying sprees. If you haven’t been in a while, go treat yourself.

Who knows when they might shove prices up an entire cent?


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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