I have never been too big of a fan of Adam Carolla’s. I knew he was one of the guys from love-line when it was only a radio show, and I heard his name often enough to know that he was getting to be more and more successful. Although, I never really tried to listen to his show or any of his appearances. Recently though I took a road trip with a pal and he loaded up a few episodes of Carolla’s latest podcast and I was intrigued.

A bit of background from a wiki: After having his radio show cancelled because of a format change (we really don’t have enough Top 40 stations right?) Carolla remained under contract to CBS Radio until December 2009, and he cannot host another radio broadcast show until the contract expires. On February 23, 2009 he began hosting The Adam Carolla Podcast , a free podcast recorded nightly at his home, featuring conversations with many of the same guests who appeared on the radio show. In the inaugural podcast, Carolla stated that if the venture proved to be successful he would move forward with ambitious plans to expand it commercially upon the expiration of his CBS contract. In its first week, the podcast was downloaded over a million times, making it the number one iTunes podcast in the US and Canada. 

That really makes me respect Carolla as an artist. He’s doing what most bloggers are trying to do, own the means of production again. As a form of self expression that expands to freedom of broadcast entertainment podcasting is damn liberating. By financing this project on his own it really makes me empathize with his cause. In truth, I’m quickly becoming a fan of his comedy as well. It’s worth a listen, so I’ll drop some links.

The Adam Carolla Podcast Homepage
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2 Responses to “CarollaRadio.”

  1. GoogleIsSkynet Says:

    Was hesitant to give his show a try but I guess I will now. I’ll be sure to gripe about any exceptions I catch.

  2. u need to stop nocking shit because in reality ur lil so kalled world isnt perfekt there are quit an abundance of entertaining sources out there and corrola is one of them so listen to this guy he thinks with logic not just comedic bullshit you moron.

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