Passive Aggressive Notes.

I noticed that people chomp at the bit to correct other people’s signs. I admit doing it too. The picture is an example of me correcting some jerk who left a note by being another jerk to leave a mean note. It’s fun, anonymous, and embraces being cynical and polite. Two things I’m great at! Photo in the read more, sorry it’s a long one.

fun-book-noteIf you’ve noticed a good one you may have snapped off a photo to show your friends. Did you know that there is a legion that does this and shares them? I’m not talking about FailBlog with it’s signs filled with typos and snarky comments. I mean signs that are nothing more than a snarky comment. Go have a looksee at PassiveAggressiveNotes for loads of examples of people’s frustrations or humor coming through in notes left to roomates, neighbors, or just the community at large.


One Response to “Passive Aggressive Notes.”

  1. yeah he said of its totally visible if the muthafuker was able to read instead of just lookin at numbers and percentage signs the cheap bastard he would have got it.

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