Fuck Sweden.

I never thought I would have any beef with Sweden. In the face of pressure though, it looks like they’re just cocksuckers like all the other countries. Stockholm fucking asshole judges hand out guilty verdicts and one-year prison sentences to four men accused of running and financing the popular site The Pirate Bay. Motherfuckers. I followed this trial the entire time. Reading the twitter updates of bumbling persecutors (don’t deserve to be called prosecuters), the reduction of charges to half of what they were originally, the prosecution themselves having trouble explaining why a torrent is as bad as a file hosting site. I’m sure this was just more US pressure from one of it’s  high powered money grubbing industry tentacles reaching out and bitch slapping another country into doing what it pleases. I never though Sweden would succumb to such dick-suckery but they did. This is an awful precedent and really encourages me to do whatever I can to undermine people trying to monetize the internet. There are people who do it in a non-invasive and innovative manner (Hulu I do like you, even if I don’t use you) and then these people who are conspiring to turn the internet model into something equally unimaginative as it’s real life equivalent.

I’ll try to embed the spectrial response video, but you got to understand I’m hulking out at the moment. I’m doing what I can to not face palm my nose into the wall behind me. Hopefully some people will actually show up and comment on this because I think I just need some other people to talk to.

Spectrial Video Channel

Fuck, The Pirate Bay is not evil!


One Response to “Fuck Sweden.”

  1. Perhaps Sweden got caught caught up in all the pirate-hating from Somalia and failed to distinguish between the two meanings of the term

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