Vatican Defends Pope’s Idiocy.

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Perusing the net for odd news I found an article miscategorized. Vatican tries to play the victim even though they’re incredibly rich and powerful by defending the Pope’s irresponsible, judgemental, and stupid remarks about AIDS and condom use. It was under World news instead of Odd news. granted it’d be better under Moronic Archaic Statements category, but surprisingly they don’t have that.

For anyone not aware the Pope said something along the lines of, “Yo Africa, don’t use condoms, they’ll only give you AIDS more”. In response the world responded with a resounding “LOL pope, STFU newb”. This latest addition to the whole farce is the Vatican claiming that the responses issued by people, journalists, hell even Belgian parliament passed a resolution decrying his words. To give you an idea of what they’re literally saying, “”We are making it clear that the pope and the church won’t be intimidated by these criticisms or by media campaigns and will continue to staunchly support Catholic positions on moral issues.”-senior-boy-toucher higher up.

As if the Catholic church hasn’t made it’s morality come under question with recent scandals the pope really wants to divide support for Catholicism. I’m just glad Jesus* didn’t come back this last Sunday. Or maybe he did and just stayed away because he was so embarrased. Actually he probably did come back, saw the state of affairs and just booked it.

*Jesus is a fictional character, any similarity to person’s living or dead is just coincidence. He’s not even a very cleverly thought up zombie character.

4 Responses to “Vatican Defends Pope’s Idiocy.”

  1. Fagosaur Says:

    From the yahoo article you provided, it’s clear that the Pope loves AIDS and the Holocaust. Nice LOLpope.

  2. Hello, I can’t understand how to add your blog in my rss reader

  3. artemnendum Says:

    cool sitename man)))

  4. You are a little bit stupid if you say that abou the Pope.

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