Hype Man.

A house band, theme music, and eventually a hype man. That’s when I’ll know I’ve hit it big, when I get my own hype man. Just in case you don’t know what a hype man is think of someones entourage. It’s full of followers, associates, and attendants. Everyone is either a friend, a business partner, or has a specific job. The hype man’s job is one of the most multi-faceted in the crew.

The hype man has to pump up crowds by jumping around like the main guy’s words have thrown him into a frenzy. The hype man has the high pressure job of legitimizing whatever the main guy says. Think of some rapper yelling out a new slang word, “Buhlzay!” everyone would look at the guy like he’s a moron, but then the hype man jumps in and just yells it over and over, again and again. Suddenly the audience realizes their life has been bereft of the word and only now feel complete. They’ve seen how buhlzay revolutionized the hype man’s world and now feel validated hearing and saying the word. With the right hype man, you can’t fail.

I don’t know what I’d what him or her to look like. I always thought it’d be cool to have a really aggressive Chinese girl with bright pink hair yelling every second word I said. Maybe carrying a cowbell to drown out anybody else. Either that or a 25 year old guy with a heavy South African accent who dresses like a state trooper. Although most people have hype men who look the same, or similar to them. One person to break away from that pattern was Eminem in having Big Proof. Big Proof also stands as a great example of the status a hype man can achieve. When he passed several people set up memorials and immortalized him on shirts, car hoods, any place that rappers’ legacies are represented.

So there it is, if you need a job and you’ve got a decent angle, pitch it in the comments. Extra points for linking to a picture.


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