Eating Pork.

I normally don’t eat pork. I tend to really only eat chicken, but enjoy the occasional burger. I’m from a long line of men who have suffered from high blood pressure and heart conditions. I try to limit the amount of salicylic acids that I ingest so they won’t bind to parts of my vascular system and promote inflammation sites. That and I have a really great metabolism that can bust protein into glucose faster than most people. This sucks because I can’t really bank on eating lean protein without thinking much about it but I digress.

With swine flu (H1N1 Influenza A) getting loads of press people are scared of pigs and pork. I heard Egypt declared open season on pigs. This doesn’t seem like a good course of action. Sure I would avoid being around any sick animal without protection, and when I did work on a dairy farm I wore a respirator anyway. Yet, I don’t think there’s any reason to stop eating pork. Although the scare has forced prices way down, so down they’re in my price range. The same thing happened when mad cow was in the papers, I would buy steaks from cuts of beef that were nowhere near any part of the cow’s central nervous system and I was fine.

Moral of the story, you should be fine eating pork and I’m finally gonna have a pork chop with mint jelly. Figure the price will let me try new things.


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