I like Twitter. It’s a fun way to say nothing a lot and a whole lot of nothing. Occasionally it’s a useful way to mass update people and connect with people at large. I’m trying to find better ways of using twitter and here’s some things I like and use.


First up something the twitter homepage recommended. Monniter. The basic premise is you track certain words and you can track them withing a certain distance of yourself, or whatever area you choose. One of my favorite things to do is track words like ‘hella’. You always get something funny with a word like that, especially if you live near a high school. If you’re looking for something with a bit more customization at the expense of a clean interface you might want to go check out Twitterfall. I’m not too big a fan but you can research it if you want. There’s also Twendz same deal, not interested you can check it out if you want.

Digg heads and others who like to get recommended to web content should go check out TwittURLs. It’s a fun way to burn up a few minutes and track popular content as people Twitter about it. Stay in the loop with ease.

TweetDeck. The biggest advantage to using this is shoving all the non-random people you follow into columns. It’s so much easier to prioritize reading when I’ve got Joobs, Nooners, and Splizes in seperate columns.

Finally if you’re new to Twitter you should already love, or learn to and then love, Hashtags. It’s rough to see what tag will be used or how popular a certain tag is so check out Tagal.Us. A nice little tag definition directory. This way you can find tags, define tags, and even vote to see which tags should be the ‘proper’ tag. As I check it I can see bacon and maemo are burning it up. Not sure what to make of that.

I’ll probably have more to say about Twitter apps and #followfridays once I experiment a bit more with them and if you’re interested in following TikiMexican. If I missed something huge in the twit-o-sphere let me know in the comments.


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