TX Handgun Bill.

College handgun bill clears first Senate vote 

State senator in Texas want college kids to have a way to defend themselves from lunatic lone wolf shooters. So far this measure passed on a 20-10 vote, so it’s got tentative approval. Sen. Jeff Wentworth (R) said, “When I read about massacre in Virginia (in 2007), I felt I would feel personally guilty if it[sic] woke up one morning and read that this happened on one of our college campuses and I had done nothing to prevent it from happening.”

I for one completely agree. I can already hear loads of people saying that the amount of guns will lead to more shootings, and heated debates will turn into deathmatches. That’s bullshit. You can’t use lunatics as proof that you shouldn’t be prepared for lunatics. The unfortunate truth is that there will always be cowards and freaks who will choose the easiest place to kill people, places they know the person won’t be armed. You don’t see these guys shooting up neighborhoods, or going to the person’s home. They go to the school because that law-breaking-fuck-face knows, he KNOWS, that they’re the only one carrying a gun.


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