Faith Crimes.

IF you haven’t heard: Police look for mom, son who fled to avoid chemo. If you’re too busy to be link-clicking-readers I’ll summarize. Colleen Hauser, a self confirmed moron believes that her cancer-stricken son can be healed by prayer. She feels that actual medicine would only hurt him and has home-schooled her illiterate 13-year old son into believing the same. After being checked out by respectable people and doctors they stated that he would die without some type of treatment. The kid has Hodgkins lymphoma which is pretty damn treatable through radiation and chemo, but because the “Nemenhah Band” doctrine states that doing anything that makes sense is against their teaching after one session they booked it. So now that the Family was ordered to appear in court for capital-dumb-fuckery the mom and son booked it. She is now a fugitive and apparently the dad has more sense to him and doesn’t know where his family is, for now he’s not being held in contempt of court. There you have it, more criminal neglect that made a kid grow up seriously ignorant and a mother that’s playing with his life. The saddest part is when this kid dies his mother’s faith will be stronger than ever. Her emotional-crazed-fucked-apart mind is already primed to be irrational that when that blow is delivered she’ll have no personal will to think of anything objectively. Her spiritual leaders will step in and fill her like a vessel and she’ll swallow the whole load with no problem. 

To all the people of faith out there, you’re no better than this person. She is an extreme example, but all of you follow this same irrationality to some extent. Even if you’re not pulling the trigger on your loved ones like the Hauser’s are, you’re still keeping loaded weapons of ignorance. You should feel ashamed at endangering yourselves and your family.


One Response to “Faith Crimes.”

  1. Fagosaur Says:

    The mom and kid came back voluntarily. They sound like assholes.

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