Yes yes y’all. Another satisfied customer rolling out their custom PC build. The overall goal was a PC that split gaming/productivity near 60/40. That means graphics that make a game enjoyable while still having enough horsepower to do some respectable computing. Unfortunately due to a shipping error the case didn’t arrive with all the other components but I have a spare steel case to assemble and configure new builds. Either way, here’s some pictures.

For the motherboard we went with one of my favorite brands Gigabyte. Specifically the GA-EP45-UD3P it rocks the Intel P45 Chipset and looks pretty damn cute.

To complement the board we grabbed some G. Skill RAM. I’m a big fan of G. Skill because they really detail the heat sinks well. I like clean lines and bright colors on most of my builds and they have a huge range of colors that changes with the properties of the RAM. The G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) had a nice light blue to go with the PCB and heatsinks of the Gigabyte board.

For the processor we decided on the Intel Core 2 Duo 7400. It has a stock speed of 2.8 Ghz and is built using a 45nm process. This combined with the board provides for some nice numbers on the electric bill, but leaves room for overclocking down the road. I usually suggest to customers that they plan ahead to become OC enthusiasts. The computer-nerd-performance-fever usually hits late and I like them to be prepared for it. I still recommended against an aftermarket cooler for the time being, there could be a chance that they go water-cooling or a good sale could come up. Here’s a photo of the board with the RAM, CPU and boxed cooler installed.

built mobo closeupI’ve got a crappy camera on my cell phone but trust me, it’s explosively blue. For the graphics card we opted for the Radeon 4870. It’s getting great reviews, most manufacturers are making 2 or 3 version which is bringing the price down a bit. That and it is smoking most other cards on benchmark tests. Sapphire makes a 1GB GDDR5 version that comes completely with a ridiculously over-sized heat sink.

huge bid cardIt’s looking good so far, but I’m still excited to see it in it’s finished case with some cold cathodes in. I know it’s immature and a hallmark of rookie PC builders but damn it your first custom PC needs a clear sided case with lights that hurt your eyes when you go to sleep. It’s downright American.


3 Responses to “Juiced.”

  1. This looks like an awesome build… very similar to mine… you guys opted for a beefy vid card and a little less cpu speed. Let me know how the 4870 works out. My 4830 w/ 512 ddr5 is still going strong on two 19’s.

  2. *ddr3 – was getting ahead of myself. and now i feel like i am less worthy b/c i have the two red 1gb gskill sticks.

  3. tikimexican Says:

    Well we went with the higher graphics card because of the applications the computer was meant to handle. More gaming, less school work. As for the RAM it’s funny because it was chosen for looks almost as much as performance. That and remember DDR3 is an interface specification so the actual DRAM arrays are the same as other DRAM, so you can expect similar-ish results. The biggest thing behind rocking DDR3 is that it can run faster at lower power, and double the rate of data transfer. We compensated by doubling the amount.
    Also we are planning a tri-boot of Vista64/32 with Ubuntu. So we’re hoping to negate some drawbacks by going x64.

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