In the latest bid-war-victory-news Universal Pictures has won the film rights to asteroids. I remember playing asteroids at a local card shop for at least an hour everyday after school. Apparently I wasn’t playing hard enough to grip the complex storyline that will propel this movie to box office history. In actuality this is probably another attempt by Universal to make a lot of money on merchandise based on the movie. I for one can’t blame them, it’s cashing in on your nostalgia.

There are so many different movies, games, and clothing styles that do nothing more than make casual references to something in someone’s childhood. I do like seeing Thundercats and Rocky & Bullwinkle shirts if for no other reason than replacing what would otherwise be a shirt with an ironic saying on it.

Universal is also working on studio interpretations of Hasbro board games “Battleship” and “Candyland”. While I can’t say I see the artistic merit in tacking a storyline to simple game mechanics I could imagine a pretty polished up result. Even in parody it seems to work, check out Minesweeper the movie below.


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