I like a lot of products and I like some to the extent that they integrate into my routine. I buy the same canned soup every time I go to the grocery store, and I buy one of a few brands of beers. One of my favorites is Red Nectar made by Nectar Ales. It’s a quality beer with strong caramel and spice flavors with one of the sweetest finishes to a full flavored beer. Besides the ability for the alcohol to lift my spirits the bottle cap definitely gives me a smile. Look at it:

Beautifully simple, and elegantly cheerful. It’s a strong branding image, “the Red Nectar Hummingbird” and it’s a great bottle cap to have left over on the table.
However, Firestone Walker felt it was necessary to move away from it to this:

A cop-out to the new green movement. A shallow attempt to cure liberal guilt under the guise of being selfless. The already horrible Recycle logo looks worse with three poor resolution Hummingbirds. It looks cluttered, monochromatic, and I don’t like it. It doesn’t make the beer any different but it does change the ideology that the beer projects. My carefree delicious beer is now another stupid cog in the recycle-your-poop-into-sandwiches-movement.
Shit is lame. How many well designed logos have we lost to current trends? Too many, R.I.P. Hummingbirds, I have a few of you to remember the good days.

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