Haircut GearI’m not a big fan of the barber/stylist/hair-butcher. They’re charging me for something that I could easily do on my own if my arms were a few inches longer or I had an extra set of elbows. I understand that they go to school and read a lot of magazines to keep up on trends for molding hair. Still, I harbor resentment for them charging me as much as the next customer. There should be a sliding scale for guys like there is for girls. There’s a difference between my 10 minute clipper trim and the guy sitting next to me who wants the metroest hairstyle he can find in a magazine. The worst part is I end up in the chair almost twice as often as other people because my hair grows back fast and is lusciously thick. If there were some time-fare box like you see in cabs I wouldn’t feel like I’d be getting screwed. I’d see the person working on me struggling with my head shape and I’d be fine seeing that price go up.

I’d probably go in for a flat fee too. Sign me up for a monthly pass where I can stop in for a quick trim when I need one to keep my head from overheating. I know there’s still people who run smaller barber shops that charge next to nothing for guys, but it’s a dying trend. There’s more of those $20 haircut chains popping up and choking out the smaller guys. I blame the teens and their MTV.

My solution thus far has been to cut my hair at home. I got a standard pair of clippers to start but soon realized that the straight edge could deal with the amazing curves of my braincase. That’s when I wised up and got a curved trimmer that can cut moving backwards and forwards (glance up at the picture if you’re confused). It takes a bit of getting used to but once you’ve got the rhytm down it gets done quick. The most awkward part about it is keeping the hair off of you while cutting. That’s still something I’m working on.

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