Just so you know, this is another television review. Hoarders is an A&E series that shows people who suffer from a pathological need to hoard stuff. It’s more than just watching packrats argue with their loved ones about clutter. A&E actually brings in professional organizers and therapists to help people deal with the issue. It’s fascinating how worked up these people get and the attachment they have to their stuff. I don’t suffer from any mental disorders so it’s impossible for me to imagine how their compulsion makes them feel, but watching how it manifests is amazing.

Each episode shows two cases and features a therapist/organizer who shows up with a cleaning crew. They work for two days and try to get the person to begin treatment for their condition as well as cleaning up the mess. Normally they deal with people whose clutter will have a dramatic and acute effect on their life (evictions, suicide, etc).

Go check it out, and I challenge you to not have at least one visceral reaction.

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