Crystal Head Vodka.

Sometimes I’m a sucker for gimmicks. This has to be one of my most impulsive buys, and it went against a lot of my buying rules. I was intoxicated, I did no price matching, and I bought it while out with some ladies. All of those things tend to make me overspend. Easy road to buyer’s remorse.

However, there have been occasions where I’ve  been grateful to have splurged and this is definitely one of them. Check this out:

I’m normally not a big fan of vodka but I needed this bottle. I have a lot of other skulls both real and carved from various materials, but this is a glass bottle. It’s still got some function as a drinking vessel. Also making any cocktail that’s red looks way better when you’re pouring the liquor out of a skull. I figure after it’s done I’ll fill it with whiskey to see how it’d look brown or fill it with Nerds.

If you’re curious go check out their main site. Dan Aykroyd is promoting this and they talk about the process of filtering like most vodkas do. Herkimer diamond filtering and whatnot. However, vodka purists be warned, there is a slightly sweet and creamy taste to this drink but it has a very light finish. If you like your vodkas to taste like nothing you might not be too impressed. That being said, it’s a fucking glass skull! Awesome.

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