Big Mac vs. Big Carl

It’s been a slow news season. Anything interesting enough to talk about gets fucked apart pretty quickly by the major news networks and by the time I get a chance to crack wise about it all the good one-liners have been taken. I’m probably guilty of setting my Obama bar too high and am still waiting on some huge news before I even address his presidency. That basically leaves me to discuss insignificant points. That being said:

Big Mac


Big Carl

I hadn’t had a Big Carl, I tend to be a chicken sandwich guy. Still I was in a hurry for lunch and I know that burgers come out faster than any other sandwich so I ordered this bad boy up for the sake of time. I was blown away when I got this monstrous patty beast. The melt and sauce created a flaor halo around the whole thing that the wax paper strained to contain. I normally hate thousand island dressing but it works a lot better than plain mayo.

The burger swept me off my feet so much that I had to start telling all my other fast food junkie friends about it. No sooner had I started burger-proselytizing that people kept saying the Big Mac was better. I tried the McDonald’s harbinger to compare and I don’t understand. I’ve never been a fan of club sandwiches. The invasion of bread into the middle of sandwich country is aggression I can’t stand for. Although the thousand island dressing with some mustard mixed in does taste a bit better. The burger patties though don’t pack enough flavor. It’s a bit like eating a grilled cheese sandwich with a bit of ground beef in it.

I think people like the Big Mac not as a burger, but as an institution. The Big Carl is a way to get a great burger and a food coma for under around $2.50. The Big Mac however is a comforting bit of standardization. That Big Mac tastes exactly the same each time you order it, and nothing can taste like a Big Mac. Still, I think the Big Carl will usurp the Big Mac’s position as the bringer of Diabesity in this new decade.

Happy New Year!

One Response to “Big Mac vs. Big Carl”

  1. Why do they always look so good in the pictures ?I dont think I will be eating one of these today but would probably prefer Carls.

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