Nervous Energy.

I read somewhere that if you have dogs that bark at everything outside you most likely don’t need a dog. The post was about properly engaging your pet to make sure they weren’t left with energy enough to become neurotic and a nuisance to your neighbors.

I hear the dogs next door barking at every strong breeze and squirrel visit. I empathize with them. My finances are strict enough that I have to limit the amount of money I spend on going out or even using too much gas. If the neighborhood felt safe enough I’d surely just bike or walk to get out of the house. The agoraphobia might be the cause, or the perceived danger of the criminal element here. ¬†Regardless it means that I don’t have the means to leave the house and the house is too empty.

I am an extrovert. People give me energy and I need them to think clearly. I thought that being near family would bring a pool of people to draw strength and energy from. They’ve helped me gain some financial stability, but they’ve become accustomed to my absence.

A social circle is necessary.

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