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Crystal Head Vodka.

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Sometimes I’m a sucker for gimmicks. This has to be one of my most impulsive buys, and it went against a lot of my buying rules. I was intoxicated, I did no price matching, and I bought it while out with some ladies. All of those things tend to make me overspend. Easy road to buyer’s remorse.

However, there have been occasions where I’ve  been grateful to have splurged and this is definitely one of them. Check this out:

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The theme for life these days is to save a buck and stop borrowing money. In that spirit I’ve stopped paying back any of my loans and expelled the official banks from TikiMexico. In a further effort to decrease spending an official decree will be announced that all cigarettes should be hand rolled. I let loose an unofficial decree at the gas station when the attendant attempted to charge me $7 for a pack of smokes. I could shred 7 dollar bills and roll those into more than 20 little cancer sticks. I bought a cigarette making machine and it’s too damn easy to use to not recommend it. Check it:


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Haircut GearI’m not a big fan of the barber/stylist/hair-butcher. They’re charging me for something that I could easily do on my own if my arms were a few inches longer or I had an extra set of elbows. I understand that they go to school and read a lot of magazines to keep up on trends for molding hair. Still, I harbor resentment for them charging me as much as the next customer. There should be a sliding scale for guys like there is for girls. There’s a difference between my 10 minute clipper trim and the guy sitting next to me who wants the metroest hairstyle he can find in a magazine. The worst part is I end up in the chair almost twice as often as other people because my hair grows back fast and is lusciously thick. If there were some time-fare box like you see in cabs I wouldn’t feel like I’d be getting screwed. I’d see the person working on me struggling with my head shape and I’d be fine seeing that price go up. Continue reading

Tipping pt. 1

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Recently TikiMexico had an influx of visitiors. After a liberal amount of drink had been taken a town hall meeting was called to discuss important matters of policy. Once there a quorum was taken and we took off for a strip club. The place we chose was a juice bar. To those that don’t know strip clubs have various legislative bounds and one of the major ones is serving alcohol. A general rule of thumb is topless bars can sometimes serve, fully nude clubs can almost never serve alcohol. As the night wore on something started to nag at me. Continue reading

The ($00.9999 or 99.99¢) Store.

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When I was a kid, a dollar was a decent amount of cash. If your parents or uncles/aunts handed you a buck to keep you occupied, you’d have a nice walk of anticipation to the store to grab a can of soda, a bag of chips, and a Lil Debbie snack cake. In that era, the dollar store was a safe haven from being disappointed at not having enough money to afford something. Anything you saw was a dollar ($1.07 depending on tax rate, but you could find 7¢ on the walk there) so you could shop around for a toy, some candy or whatever.

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