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Eating Pork.

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I normally don’t eat pork. I tend to really only eat chicken, but enjoy the occasional burger. I’m from a long line of men who have suffered from high blood pressure and heart conditions. I try to limit the amount of salicylic acids that I ingest so they won’t bind to parts of my vascular system and promote inflammation sites. That and I have a really great metabolism that can bust protein into glucose faster than most people. This sucks because I can’t really bank on eating lean protein without thinking much about it but I digress. Continue reading

Vatican Defends Pope’s Idiocy.

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Perusing the net for odd news I found an article miscategorized. Vatican tries to play the victim even though they’re incredibly rich and powerful by defending the Pope’s irresponsible, judgemental, and stupid remarks about AIDS and condom use. It was under World news instead of Odd news. granted it’d be better under Moronic Archaic Statements category, but surprisingly they don’t have that.

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Fuck Sweden.

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I never thought I would have any beef with Sweden. In the face of pressure though, it looks like they’re just cocksuckers like all the other countries. Stockholm fucking asshole judges hand out guilty verdicts and one-year prison sentences to four men accused of running and financing the popular site The Pirate Bay. Motherfuckers. I followed this trial the entire time. Reading the twitter updates of bumbling persecutors (don’t deserve to be called prosecuters), the reduction of charges to half of what they were originally, the prosecution themselves having trouble explaining why a torrent is as bad as a file hosting site. Continue reading

Boom Headshot!

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US ship captain is freed when snipers kill pirates. I’ve been following the Somali pirate hostage situation. From the beginning it was just another powerboat grappling up to a ship and pirates coming onboard. Then a pirate got his hand ice-picked and the ships captain gives himself up as the only hostage to get the pirates off the boat. Around the same time U.S. warships started trailing the pirates, and this culminated in three pirates being sniped off and a fourth giving himself up. Of course the Somali representative pirates (I don’t know what else to call them) are saying the same thing they did when French and Indian forces used deadly force on pirates. “Oh man now when you guys come after us we’re just killing hostages.”

Seriously? QQ more pirates. At the rate you’re going either blockades are going up or someone’s orchestrating a coup to get some government up in Somalia.

Prayer Jailed.

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I’ve often said god won’t help you. If you believe in him, he won’t help you because your problems are petty and he allows suffering. If you don’t believe in him, well how can something that doesn’t exist help you? In either case, hopefully you’ve come to terms with that and understand that changes in your world are brought about my understandable forces or other people. If you haven’t though, when a situation comes up and you panic you most likely will turn to god. This will only lead to failure. Continue reading

Life imitating art imitating life.

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Just read this

Prison Violence.

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Whenever I think of prison I immediately think of prison violence. There’s gangs and enough animosity between inmates that violence would be impossible to stop, but correctional officers struggle to contain it. Some of the worst acts are against nonces. It’s understandable, think of how much anger any inmate with children would have towards someone who would harm a child. Not to mention the inmates who could possibly have been molested themselves. You have to take at least some pity on the lowly nonce though, he was cursed to have a mental deficiency and if he doesn’t have the power to will himself against hurting someone else there’s not much that can be done to rehabilitate him.

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