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One of my favorite cocktails in the world is the Paloma (spanish for dove). It’s a tequila cocktail with a grapefruit soda (think Squirt) served on the rocks. You can garnish it with a lime wedge or serve it in a highball glass with a salted rim. Spring weather has hit TikiMexico so refreshing drinks on the porch are a must.

My usual choice is a cheap but tasty tequila in a pretty slick bottle. Drink it down to about a fourth and fill the rest of it with Squirt. If I’ve got the cash I’ll upgrade to Cazadores or Patron. Try one and let me know what you think about it.

Big Mac vs. Big Carl

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It’s been a slow news season. Anything interesting enough to talk about gets fucked apart pretty quickly by the major news networks and by the time I get a chance to crack wise about it all the good one-liners have been taken. I’m probably guilty of setting my Obama bar too high and am still waiting on some huge news before I even address his presidency. That basically leaves me to discuss insignificant points. That being said: Continue reading

Crystal Head Vodka.

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Sometimes I’m a sucker for gimmicks. This has to be one of my most impulsive buys, and it went against a lot of my buying rules. I was intoxicated, I did no price matching, and I bought it while out with some ladies. All of those things tend to make me overspend. Easy road to buyer’s remorse.

However, there have been occasions where I’ve ¬†been grateful to have splurged and this is definitely one of them. Check this out:

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I like a lot of products and I like some to the extent that they integrate into my routine. I buy the same canned soup every time I go to the grocery store, and I buy one of a few brands of beers. One of my favorites is Red Nectar made by Nectar Ales. It’s a quality beer with strong caramel and spice flavors with one of the sweetest finishes to a full flavored beer. Besides the ability for the alcohol to lift my spirits the bottle cap definitely gives me a smile. Look at it:

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Tipping pt. 1

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Recently TikiMexico had an influx of visitiors. After a liberal amount of drink had been taken a town hall meeting was called to discuss important matters of policy. Once there a quorum was taken and we took off for a strip club. The place we chose was a juice bar. To those that don’t know strip clubs have various legislative bounds and one of the major ones is serving alcohol. A general rule of thumb is topless bars can sometimes serve, fully nude clubs can almost never serve alcohol. As the night wore on something started to nag at me. Continue reading

Eating Pork.

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I normally don’t eat pork. I tend to really only eat chicken, but enjoy the occasional burger. I’m from a long line of men who have suffered from high blood pressure and heart conditions. I try to limit the amount of salicylic acids that I ingest so they won’t bind to parts of my vascular system and promote inflammation sites. That and I have a really great metabolism that can bust protein into glucose faster than most people. This sucks because I can’t really bank on eating lean protein without thinking much about it but I digress. Continue reading

Jello Cake.

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The idea’s simple. Bake a cake and while it’s cooling poke some holes in the top with a large fork. Then drizzle some gelatin on top in it’s liquid form. The end result should be a cake with veins of gelatin in it. Unfortunately in reality it’s pretty hard to pull off and I’m experimenting with proportions and flavors. This is lemon cake with lime jello. The areas in the medial regions of the cake are pretty free of gelation but all the lateral parts are soaked. After about 4 hours of refrigeration there’s a distinct jiggle to the overall cake.



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Goddamn do I love instant noodles. I just finished up some spicy tofu soup that was made with an instant noodle base. Instant noodles catch a lot of heat for the huge amount of sodium that you get with the seasoning but I always just offset it by dumping in some soft tofu blocks (not browned, just boiled) and veggies. Take 2 packets of noodles but only use one packet of seasoning then add more flavor using spices or peppers. It’s cold around TikiMexico these days and soup is the staple of it’s citizens.

Still, it’s hard convincing people that the noodle soup is something I prefer and that is a damn tasty treat and not just an inferior good. I’m using inferior good to mean a product that increases in demand when consumer income drops. That is, you buy the shitty stuff when you’re broke. It’s something that I see as a viable ingredient especially when you take into account its shortcomings and overcome them. Soy for fiber, and veggies for your vitamin/mineral fix.

All I’m trying to say is if you don’t like it, shut the fuck up when I’m making my tasty snack.



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I like to reuse bottles but don’t have very many that aren’t just plasticy crap. I actually found one not too long ago that uses some thick aluminum and a wide-mouthed screw cap. I didn’t take any photos of this thing before I painted the silly snake eyes off but still, if you’re a fan of energy drinks or just good reusable bottles check this shit out.

Venom Energy Site