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“These are the breaks!”

-Kurtis Blow

Amen Brek

I was banging out some loops in the studio in the afternoon and I brought up the Amen Break with a friend. Usually when you name drop that bad boy you get somebody to start tapping it out. Instead he just looked at me blankly. I started explaining the provenance of Gregory Coleman drumming out this little loop in The Winston’s song “Amen, Brother” and I started tapping it out for him. He recognized it as being close to the loop in the opening of the Powerpuff Girls. That’s fair enough as it’s an incredibly popular and often sampled drum break. It did get me thinking though. There is a lack of respect for the original creators of some incredibly popular drum breaks. We’re in an odd 3rd (at least) generation of sampling where we are hearing samples of samples. When this happens the original drummer gets zero credit unless mentioned by name in the song itself. Continue reading

Bell Biv DeVoe-Poison (1990)

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Hey sorry about not posting in a while. I’m still cracking jokes on twitter but haven’t mustered up the effort for a full post. So here’s a music video for you.

Pachelbel’s Canon.

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D major,  A major, B minor, F sharp minor, G major, D major, G major, A major. Everybody knows Pachelbel’s Canon in D. It’s one of the most generic arrangements that ends up being played in any instance where someone just needs a piece of classical music. The harmonic sequence is easy to play and sounds very “natural”, and thus has been kept relevant throughout the years. Have a listen to the arrangement:


It should sound at least somewhat familiar. Here’s the fun bit, it’s so familiar because it’s not only insanely popular it’s recycled over and over again. I could go off and list songs but I let my fingers do the work and found a few links to some artists who really bring the issue to light. The best one is by Axis of Awesome. Although they make it look like everyone is copying Journey, and they may well be, it really is just recycled Pachelbel. If you really know your shit you could start a comment war about Handel and Mozart, but I won’t bring it up unless you all want to.



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So you use Last.FM and you’re like “Hey man I wish I could listen to these damn tracks without being on-line?”

The Last Ripper

Follow some instructions, and stream/record. Of course you should only be doing this if you own the tracks, otherwise you’re stealing from celebrities and they don’t deserve that sort of treatment. They carry themselves with dignity and poise and perform on consistent schedules and treat their fans like respected customers. There is no reason to fuck them over and force them to tour or compete with other entertainment media.

Change (In the House of Flies).

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This song by the Deftones came on, and I just had the worst feeling in the pit of my stomach. I don’t know if it was the embarrassment of having ever thought this song was good in any way/shape/form. It might have been because this song was tied up in my teenage angst period and that visceral reaction was to that whole era, but something set me off. It’s still playing and I have a mixed reaction of wanting to vomit and punch a hole in the wall.
Fuck the Deftones.