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Just so you know, this is another television review. Hoarders is an A&E series that shows people who suffer from a pathological need to hoard stuff. It’s more than just watching packrats argue with their loved ones about clutter. A&E actually brings in professional organizers and therapists to help people deal with the issue. It’s fascinating how worked up these people get and the attachment they have to their stuff. I don’t suffer from any mental disorders so it’s impossible for me to imagine how their compulsion makes them feel, but watching how it manifests is amazing. Continue reading


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Man oh man do I watch me some History Channel. I’ve been tuning in since the days when it was nothing but archival footage and was known as the “Hitler” channel. These days though there are so many shows and mini-specials that tap into so many different topics. They’re pulling in more dough and shoving it into quality program faster than we can TiVo it all. Gangland has to be one of the few that I make sure to catch whenever it’s on. From the History Channel website: Continue reading

Inauguration Day.

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I’ll be one of many people tuning into the inauguration of the new president but am saddened that it’s not always like this. I’m the type of guy who downloads historical speeches to play whenever I need some food for thought or even just some inspiration to do, whatever. That’s why it’s not surprising to people when I bring up the day of the speech as something to celebrate. Other people are hosting parties because the president will be a black guy, that’s great and all but it does mean people are going to watch this with less regard for it’s historical precedence and more like they’d watch a sideshow.There might even be people who will be waiting for Obama’s head to split open and reveal his reptilian true nature.

Regardless, I do hope people tune in with a sense of pride to be alive for the event. Eventually someone will ask you about it down the line and hopefully you’ll be prepared to answer.


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There’s more than a handful of websites that I check reflexively whenever I get an Internet connection but here’s a handful I suspect are ubiquitous:


I really wish I would have recommend more people to this website earlier. In its heyday it was an incredibly fast and well maintained streaming media site and forum. Now though the userbase has swelled so much that it has this strange inverse relationship to file distribution through P2P models. IE: The more people who want a file and torrent it the faster everyone gets it, the more people who want a file from NV the sooner it crashes. They do have backups for most things through flash, but the flash site they use has strange audio bugs. Still, if you don’t know what NZB is and are too cool to P2P, try it out. The forums are fun too, but beware if the moderator doesn’t know/like what you’re talking about you’ll get your topics shut down fast.


Woot has an odd but refreshing business model. One thing every 24 hours. There is more to it than just that but you can read about it on their own FAQ, they’re entertaining and concise so RTFF. The family currently extends to Wine/Shirt/Sellout.woot so check all three. I recommend just checking sellout.woot that way you get images of what’s on Woot classic and shirt woot at once.


Fail Videos and Photos, ’nuff said.


A productivity blog that mixes it up with various GTD methods and has an interesting article at least weekly. Good RSS material.

The End?

It’s the Drinky Crow Show.

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I’m not sure if you watch it, but I have to say I love it.

The show originated with the comic strip Maakies and everything about the strip is great. The style mimics that of early 20th century comic strips, right down to the small bottom border with a few landscapes and a second comic (it’s called a topper if you feel like looking it up). The drawings are reminiscent of European engravings and ukiyo-e paintings. The material is dark and very violent. All the characters are very lovable anti-heros. I highly recommend looking into both of them, don’t worry I’ll drop some link bombs for youse guys.

Maakies comic 

AdultSwim site where you can watch the show


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Christmas is over. Technically it’s the day-of, but it doesn’t count around my house. Here the party is Christmas eve until the kids explode over not being able to open gifts. There’s a flurry of gift wrap and those sharp tipped twisty ties that prevent kids from playing with their toys without slitting open their fingers and then every one either has to sleep, or falls asleep because they drank too much. 

The next morning there’s a quick review of leftovers over coffee and then it’s off to the casino for the adults, and the teenagers go off with their lovers, and the kids sit around not appreciating their toys.

This sort of leaves me in a toy-less/gambling free purgatory where I end up at home watching Xmas specials and standard daytime fare. It’s not really the programs that are that interesting, there’s a house marathon on but it’s the commercials that really get me. 

Enter: the Snuggie.

I’ll try to describe it but you really should look it up for an image. It’s basically a blanket, with sleeves. Think of a sort of sexy backless fleece poncho. This is one of those products that makes me think I’ll actually have a shot with one of my hare-brained inventions. Unfortunately it’s also one of those products you only ever see on TV or in wholesale stores. I never actually walk into one of my friends places and see them with a Snuggie, or a Shamwow, or any miracle product. There are certain items you see around but the commercials are usually shorter and have decent celebrity endorsements. 

Still, it does kick up a bit of hope for my line of automatic dog washers, or centripitel pen refreshers.