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Just so you know, this is another television review. Hoarders is an A&E series that shows people who suffer from a pathological need to hoard stuff. It’s more than just watching packrats argue with their loved ones about clutter. A&E actually brings in professional organizers and therapists to help people deal with the issue. It’s fascinating how worked up these people get and the attachment they have to their stuff. I don’t suffer from any mental disorders so it’s impossible for me to imagine how their compulsion makes them feel, but watching how it manifests is amazing. Continue reading



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Haircut GearI’m not a big fan of the barber/stylist/hair-butcher. They’re charging me for something that I could easily do on my own if my arms were a few inches longer or I had an extra set of elbows. I understand that they go to school and read a lot of magazines to keep up on trends for molding hair. Still, I harbor resentment for them charging me as much as the next customer. There should be a sliding scale for guys like there is for girls. There’s a difference between my 10 minute clipper trim and the guy sitting next to me who wants the metroest hairstyle he can find in a magazine. The worst part is I end up in the chair almost twice as often as other people because my hair grows back fast and is lusciously thick. If there were some time-fare box like you see in cabs I wouldn’t feel like I’d be getting screwed. I’d see the person working on me struggling with my head shape and I’d be fine seeing that price go up. Continue reading


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I like a lot of products and I like some to the extent that they integrate into my routine. I buy the same canned soup every time I go to the grocery store, and I buy one of a few brands of beers. One of my favorites is Red Nectar made by Nectar Ales. It’s a quality beer with strong caramel and spice flavors with one of the sweetest finishes to a full flavored beer. Besides the ability for the alcohol to lift my spirits the bottle cap definitely gives me a smile. Look at it:

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August 2009 Movie Roundup.

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I’ve neglected posting a while so I thought I’d jump back into it. Although I don’t have anything that interesting to report so I thought I’d reach into the generic blogger bag of tricks. After shoving my arm in and picking a topic I thought movie reviews. It’s easy, non-committal, and may be near readable. Either way, here’s some shit I’ve seen recently. Continue reading

Ultimate Timewaste.

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I’ve unleashed horrible timesinks on people before. Tetris on family, Worms on friends, even just leaving interlocking metal ring puzzles. For you guys though I deliver a blogroll filled with the quicksand pits of the internet. BEWARE!

I thought about going through and giving a description of each, but it’s not really necessary. Click the scroll wheel on each link to open each one in a new tab, and then proceed to favorite and subscribe to all of them. You now have lost an hour of your life every day. You’re welcome.


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In the latest bid-war-victory-news Universal Pictures has won the film rights to asteroids. I remember playing asteroids at a local card shop for at least an hour everyday after school. Apparently I wasn’t playing hard enough to grip the complex storyline that will propel this movie to box office history. In actuality this is probably another attempt by Universal to make a lot of money on merchandise based on the movie. I for one can’t blame them, it’s cashing in on your nostalgia. Continue reading


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Yes yes y’all. Another satisfied customer rolling out their custom PC build. The overall goal was a PC that split gaming/productivity near 60/40. That means graphics that make a game enjoyable while still having enough horsepower to do some respectable computing. Unfortunately due to a shipping error the case didn’t arrive with all the other components but I have a spare steel case to assemble and configure new builds. Either way, here’s some pictures.

For the motherboard we went with one of my favorite brands Gigabyte. Specifically the GA-EP45-UD3P it rocks the Intel P45 Chipset and looks pretty damn cute.

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