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Big Mac vs. Big Carl

Posted in Food and Drink, TimeSink with tags , , , , on January 6, 2010 by tikimexican

It’s been a slow news season. Anything interesting enough to talk about gets fucked apart pretty quickly by the major news networks and by the time I get a chance to crack wise about it all the good one-liners have been taken. I’m probably guilty of setting my Obama bar too high and am still waiting on some huge news before I even address his presidency. That basically leaves me to discuss insignificant points. That being said: Continue reading


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The theme for life these days is to save a buck and stop borrowing money. In that spirit I’ve stopped paying back any of my loans and expelled the official banks from TikiMexico. In a further effort to decrease spending an official decree will be announced that all cigarettes should be hand rolled. I let loose an unofficial decree at the gas station when the attendant attempted to charge me $7 for a pack of smokes. I could shred 7 dollar bills and roll those into more than 20 little cancer sticks. I bought a cigarette making machine and it’s too damn easy to use to not recommend it. Check it:


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Haircut GearI’m not a big fan of the barber/stylist/hair-butcher. They’re charging me for something that I could easily do on my own if my arms were a few inches longer or I had an extra set of elbows. I understand that they go to school and read a lot of magazines to keep up on trends for molding hair. Still, I harbor resentment for them charging me as much as the next customer. There should be a sliding scale for guys like there is for girls. There’s a difference between my 10 minute clipper trim and the guy sitting next to me who wants the metroest hairstyle he can find in a magazine. The worst part is I end up in the chair almost twice as often as other people because my hair grows back fast and is lusciously thick. If there were some time-fare box like you see in cabs I wouldn’t feel like I’d be getting screwed. I’d see the person working on me struggling with my head shape and I’d be fine seeing that price go up. Continue reading


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Goddamn do I love instant noodles. I just finished up some spicy tofu soup that was made with an instant noodle base. Instant noodles catch a lot of heat for the huge amount of sodium that you get with the seasoning but I always just offset it by dumping in some soft tofu blocks (not browned, just boiled) and veggies. Take 2 packets of noodles but only use one packet of seasoning then add more flavor using spices or peppers. It’s cold around TikiMexico these days and soup is the staple of it’s citizens.

Still, it’s hard convincing people that the noodle soup is something I prefer and that is a damn tasty treat and not just an inferior good. I’m using inferior good to mean a product that increases in demand when consumer income drops. That is, you buy the shitty stuff when you’re broke. It’s something that I see as a viable ingredient especially when you take into account its shortcomings and overcome them. Soy for fiber, and veggies for your vitamin/mineral fix.

All I’m trying to say is if you don’t like it, shut the fuck up when I’m making my tasty snack.