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Posted in TimeSink, TV! with tags , , on December 25, 2008 by tikimexican

Christmas is over. Technically it’s the day-of, but it doesn’t count around my house. Here the party is Christmas eve until the kids explode over not being able to open gifts. There’s a flurry of gift wrap and those sharp tipped twisty ties that prevent kids from playing with their toys without slitting open their fingers and then every one either has to sleep, or falls asleep because they drank too much. 

The next morning there’s a quick review of leftovers over coffee and then it’s off to the casino for the adults, and the teenagers go off with their lovers, and the kids sit around not appreciating their toys.

This sort of leaves me in a toy-less/gambling free purgatory where I end up at home watching Xmas specials and standard daytime fare. It’s not really the programs that are that interesting, there’s a house marathon on but it’s the commercials that really get me. 

Enter: the Snuggie.

I’ll try to describe it but you really should look it up for an image. It’s basically a blanket, with sleeves. Think of a sort of sexy backless fleece poncho. This is one of those products that makes me think I’ll actually have a shot with one of my hare-brained inventions. Unfortunately it’s also one of those products you only ever see on TV or in wholesale stores. I never actually walk into one of my friends places and see them with a Snuggie, or a Shamwow, or any miracle product. There are certain items you see around but the commercials are usually shorter and have decent celebrity endorsements. 

Still, it does kick up a bit of hope for my line of automatic dog washers, or centripitel pen refreshers.